I'm Sam Tolson. I sing and write music. I'm a girl, suprising I know. I'm also pretty gay, but at least I dress well. Enjoy x

Find me on iTunes or online, www.samtolson.com || www.youtube.com/imsamtolson

Business Inquiries: info@samtolson.com

Booking || Press: The Vulcan Agency - booking@samtolson.com

Anonymous asked: Sam I'm getting bad again So fast I'm not sure what to do I've done a I can I'm at a point in life where I don't know what to do with anything except to wake up and do the same thing everyday work myself to death

Sometimes you need to take a step back and give yourself a break. Ease your mind

Anonymous asked: How was your day

Pretty gooood

Anonymous asked: What's your all time biggest dream

I have too many dreams.
I just want to be happy and succeed with the things I love

Anonymous asked: Do you ever talk to yourself

I laugh at myself if that counts

Anonymous asked: How was work? How did you apply for your job? I need to get a job but dont really know how and I dont know anyone to ask for advice.

Apply online lol

Anonymous asked: Where are you taking classes? Plan on transfering soon? How's that going for you?

Ohio state in Columbus Ohio

Anonymous asked: I cut my hair off to style it like you but I forgot I have curly hair and well oops. Lol. Cut it way to short to where I cant even straighten it. But soon one day I will have hair like you c:

Haha oh gosh

Anonymous asked: Where do you shop?

H&m, culture kings, forever 21

Anonymous asked: Today is a really bad day. Talk to me and keep my mind off of my life? What have you done today? Any tattoos you plan on getting?

I’m actually at work right now. Kind of boring. Gonna work on music in a bit.
How about yourself?

Anonymous asked: Oh I was gunna say u should do a cover of maps