I'm Sam Tolson. I sing and write music. I'm a girl, suprising I know. I'm also pretty gay, but at least I dress well. Enjoy x

Find me on iTunes or online, www.samtolson.com || www.youtube.com/imsamtolson

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I like to laugh.
Anonymous asked: Ok but seriously your so cute. Stop it. Or don't. You like Pittsburgh teams? I live there!

Haha aw thank you.
Yeah they’re cool lol I don’t watch many sports but hockey

Hello :)
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terrific-minds asked: i love your tumblr ;_;

thank you :)

Anonymous asked: Whoaaa you're hot and I like your clothes 😍

Oh gosh lol
Thank you

luisito2104 asked: You're one pretty girl.

Thanks for thinking so

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